Faux Plastering Provides Plenty of Décor Options

Faux plastering, also known as polished plaster, breaks through the boundaries that exist with conventional painting and allows for some unique finishes in or outside a home. There are a variety of faux plastering options to choose from and here is a look at the types of faux plastering that can transform your residence.

Different from metallic paint, metallic plaster has a greater amount of thickness. It is offered in a variety of colors and can be used in combination with paint to create a great range of depth and texture than can be achieved with paints alone. The effect provides a shimmery look that resembles a shiny metal. Metallic plaster is not applied with a roller, but instead uses a trowel. There is also the potential to create a rather dramatic finish and that is contingent upon the contrast within the skim and texture coats.

Sand Texture
A sand texture finish is not possible to achieve with regular paint as it is raised just a bit off the surface of the wall. The touch of a sand texture finish is actually a bit gritty, just as the name would suggest. The process is a rather simple one and the cost is rather inexpensive compared to other forms of decorative plastering services.

Brushed Suede
This type of faux plastering gives a wall the look of actual suede. It is typically identified with a look of sophistication as it can serve as an elegant backdrop for any room in a home. A specialized roller is needed during the application process.

Luxury Home Atrium

This style can last a lifetime and transform a room with an old world finish. Venetian plaster is capable of lasting for years and will not need any new coats, which is customary with painting. There are some paint companies that make Venetian plaster and these paints will not produce the same effect as a faux Venetian plaster.

Antique plaster allows homeowners to turn back the clock and create an antiquated look in the room of their choosing. Once the plaster is applied and dried, it is then spot-sanded. This creates different textures and there is a wealth of possibilities. This kind of look that can also be adjusted to fit a wide variety of tastes.

IEX External Plaster & Construction can use all kinds of faux plastering techniques to beautify your home. For the best plastering service Upper Riccarton Christchurch has to offer, contact the team of experienced professionals at IEX. We also specialize in house painting in addition to a variety of other services.

Earthquake Repair Solutions in Christchurch

Cracked Wall

Residents in the city of Christchurch can firmly attest to the fact that an earthquake could strike any time and without warning. While the actual quake may only last a few seconds, the rebuilding process can take a whole lot longer.

Back in 2011, Christchurch experienced a 6.3 earthquake that claimed 185 lives and destroyed approximately 170,000 buildings. That did not account for all of the buildings that sustained partial damage as there were many that needed some kind of repair work.

The insurance claims process has been an arduous one that has been drawn out over years. The end result has left many residents with homes that are not completely safe for habitation. It has put homeowners in a difficult place as they are forced to endure frustrating wait times.

Some claims have been slowed to the point where they will extend into 2017. Meanwhile, some of the neighborhoods hit hardest by the 2011 quake were ‘red zoned’ in the aftermath, which meant that it was deemed very unlikely that any homes in that area could be rebuilt.

That fact, coupled with the uncertainty of receiving an insurance payout, has even led some residents to develop cases of PTSD. The 2011 quake was only part of the problem as the aftereffects have also taken a toll on people’s lives. New Zealand recovery efforts also dimmed in comparison to the efforts extended in other major countries.

However, there are manageable solutions people can seek through private repair. IEX External Plaster & Construction is willing to work with Christchurch residents in an effort to repair homes that sustained earthquake damage.

IEX does not build homes from the ground up, but can attend to problems with a home’s exterior. That includes plastering and painting to get your home back to normal. At IEX, we know many people who were affected by the earthquake, which provides us with a personal interest.

Part of the rebuilding process has to do with being proud of your home and IEX can make that happen by offering affordable rates to our clients. The rebuilding process has come without being able to depend on insurance payouts and government help. That is why it is imperative for Christchurch businesses, like IEX, to be there for its residents in their time of need.

For the very best in home exterior plastering and painting, contact IEX today and let us help get your life back to normal.